How you can Cease Canine Pee from Killing Grass – Dogster

It’s protected to say — brown spots in your grass from canine pee are an eyesore. By understanding what chemical compounds in your canine’s pee harm grass, plus utilizing the correct garden merchandise, you possibly can shield your garden. Dogster has your dog-pee killing grass options.

Why does canine pee kill grass?

Canine pee can kill, or discolor, grass due to the chemical compounds present in your canine’s pee. Any of the vitamins that your canine eats of their meals and dietary supplements that aren’t absorbed of their bloodstream get filtered out by means of their kidneys and find yourself of their pee.

In order your canine pees within the grass, and the water is evaporated by the solar, excessive concentrations of nitrogen are left behind. Despite the fact that nitrogen is usually utilized in garden fertilizers, an excessive amount of nitrogen can damage your grass.