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What are your ideas on it although? What share of photographs are

  1. f/4 or smaller aperture (greater numerically), or at the very least would have been pretty much as good images if they’d been
  2. greater than f/4 and should be (both for low noise/quick shutter, or for bokeh)
  3. greater than f/4 and perhaps you went too huge? (I had this drawback continuously my first ten years of capturing.)

I may simply afford one and often geek out over speccy lenses, however for me it looks like bokeh’s both key for a shot or its not. Whether it is I desire f/1.2 or f/1.4 primes. If not, f/4 appears to be sufficient. The prolonged vary of 24-105 trumps 28-70, if I do not want plenty of bokeh, but when I do, f/1.2 or f/1.4 trumps f/2.0. In the meantime the f/2.0 lens is simply getting a bit huge and heavy, not a serious objection nevertheless it’s not within the 2.0’s favor…

Anyway that is how I justify my determination to myself 😀 However perhaps I ought to take one other have a look at it?

I’ve the 28-70 f2 since 2019 :O. I can not stand the 24-105 seems to be on the R5, all of the imperfections present. I run round and not using a digicam bag, nowadays or take the battery grip off and simply put it in a peak design 5L. Or I swap the 100-500L within the PD 5L.

I’ve regretted each time that I solely has the 24-105L!!! If you need high quality large angle at 28mm it has no distortion you bought 28mm which I really love… 28-50 has no actual distortion so it at all times Stiches so you possibly can principally get I imagine 17mm equal panorama with a single row or multi row there’s no restrict (simply get a nodal rail).

If I would like a bit extra attain, nicely, it outresolves the 24-105L handily at 105mm… so cropping seems to be higher.

Vs large primes .. nicely, I’d in all probability attempt an 35L prime or a 24L prime for each day capturing, however the 35mm non L has horrible bokeh and isn’t climate sealed. I’m awaiting opinions of the RF 24 1.8 nevertheless it’s not climate sealed and the bokeh seems to be crap – ready on Astro efficiency.

Vs. 50mm L nicely it’s extra versatile and 50mm is sort of as heavy. Decision at 2.8 is identical so no final sharpness benefit. I can not justify the additional value of a lens I’d use 1/10 as usually because the F2.

Vs portrait primes. Nicely the 85mm L is many peoples livelihood .. and the 28-70 shouldn’t be the strongest at 70mm shut up (you must cease right down to 2.5 in the event you’re shut up in any other case distinction is down). So there you could have it, the 85mm has an important case left… however I do love the shut portrait look that the 70mm offers you: good separation and bokeh, analog look, nothing distracting. When you’re additional than 2-3m then you should use 70mm F2 and it’s very good.

There are three sorts of people that trash it are:
– individuals who can not afford it and on the lookout for causes
– individuals who choose it up as soon as and say … oh that’s heavy… with out giving it time to get used to it (and hook on it)
– individuals who use the 85mm L and perhaps the 50mm L lenses for a residing

I’d say it’s large worth for cash.. and I’m shedding hope that canon will ever do one other lens of its sort (esp the rumoured 14-21 F2) and there’s at present no 24-35m prime that even comes shut on F2 zoom efficiency.

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