Is Your Pug a Choosy Eater? Attempt This Easy Hack.

Pugs are so extremely various of their personalities. Whereas some scarf down any meals scrap in sight, others have a extra choosy (or let’s say, “refined”) palate, and rapidly tire of their on a regular basis pet food. What may be performed when your pug decides to cease consuming their meals, or is not enthusiastic about it?

The Canine Meals Topper Craze and the Risks of Many Meals Toppers for Your Pug

Meals toppers have develop into extremely fashionable within the pet meals/deal with trade lately, however the idea isn’t something new. For a whole bunch of years, many canine homeowners have thrown human leftovers of some form into their canine’s meals bowl.

Whereas this usually will get the job performed, it additionally exposes your canine to pointless salt and substances that people don’t have any drawback processing, however {that a} canine’s physique will not be designed for.

In case you’re going to prime your pug’s common meals with one thing tastier, how are you going to make sure the topper ingredient(s) are as wholesome as doable?

A Google search of the time period “pet food toppers” ends in 1000’s of outcomes. One fashionable identify model meals topper accommodates a whopping 87% water. Not precisely price paying for, in our opinion.

The latest pet food and deal with development towards restricted substances is a superb signal, as many canine homeowners have gotten more and more aware of what goes into their canine’s physique.

Most pet food accommodates an unnecessarily excessive quantity of carbohydrates. Why? As a result of all these grains are low-cost and a terrific filler, bringing the fee down, but in addition the vitamin together with it.

The (Wholesome) Meals Topper Pug’s Actually Need

Actual meat isn’t low-cost, nevertheless it’s what the ancestors of canine’s had been designed to eat within the wild. And never cooked meat, however uncooked, nutrient-packed meat.

For many individuals, the considered feeding their canines uncooked meat appears gross and unsafe. However a canine’s quick digestive system is way totally different than a human’s, and is ready to course of uncooked meat with none issues.

With that mentioned, many canine homeowners go for a freeze dried uncooked meat product, which is way safer, much less messy and considerably extra handy. (Freeze drying maintains 98% of the vitamins, with out using chemical substances to protect it)

Are Freeze Dried Meat Toppers Proper for Your Pug?

Earlier this yr, when my canine started to tire of her (costly) on a regular basis pet food, I gave uncooked freeze dried toppers a attempt. What occurred subsequent amazed me. As a substitute of her lazily free-feeding her meals over a interval of 24 hours, she rapidly devoured down the vast majority of the bowl in minutes. The topper I used truly coats her current kibble and boosts each the flavour and vitamin.

It was my private expertise, and the expertise of many different canine homeowners I talked to, that led us to create our line of freeze dried uncooked deal with toppers right here at iHeartDogs.

I’d extremely encourage you to look into the advantages of freeze dried meat toppers however most significantly, I’d encourage you to ensure no matter you prime your canine’s meals with is wholesome and protected for the long-term. In any case, a pug’s life is brief sufficient, they deserve the best possible!

Ceaselessly Requested Questions on Your Pug’s Canine Meals Topper

What can I give my choosy pug?

Pug’s can simply tire of the identical meals every day. Some canine homeowners wish to occassionally prime their canine’s meals with rooster, eggs, or floor beef. Whereas this can undoubtedly improve the palatability of your pug’s meals, they could simply merely select the great things. Many pug homeowners have discovered nice success with freeze dried pet food toppers. For the reason that meat is a powder, it coats your current pet food kibble and improves the flavour. Your canine gained’t even know its the identical meals!

How can I get my pug to eat their meals?

It’s regular in your pug to tire of their on a regular basis meals. Simply think about in case you ate the identical factor every day! One technique for bettering your pug’s urge for food for his or her on a regular basis meals is to make use of a freeze dried meat pet food topper. If the topper is made in a powder kind, it is going to coat their current meals and enhance the flavour. As with every change to your canine’s eating regimen, ensure to introduce the topper slowly, and think about using a probiotic to assist strengthen your canine’s digestive system and cut back the probabilities of diarrhea.

Are pug’s choosy / finicky eaters?

In our expertise, many pug’s may be fussy eaters. However you possibly can’t blame them, who would wish to eat the identical precise meal day-after-day? Many pug homeowners discover success by rotating totally different freeze dried meat toppers over their pug’s meals. For the reason that meat is powderized, your pug can’t simply select the great things. The topper boosts the flavour of your pug’s common meals.

What fruits or greens can my pug eat?

Feeding your canine contemporary fruit and veggies (in the event that they’ll eat them) is a superb thought! Most retailer purchased pet meals is closely processed, so by including contemporary meals to your canine’s bowl, you’ll enhance the flavour and vitamin. Some nice choices for pugs are carrots, blueberries, and kale or spinach. In case your canine wont’ eat contemporary fruits or veggies, contemplate shopping for a freeze dried pet food topper that includes fruits and veggies into the components. Through the use of a meat primarily based topper, you’re extra prone to get your pug to eat them. And freeze drying maintains 98% of the vitamins present in contemporary meals.

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