Sea of Thieves: Find out how to fill and promote Logbooks

Aboard every captained vessel in Sea of Thieves sits a Logbook. This journal could seem innocuous, however what’s inside is a document of the miles and days you’ve sailed and gold-plundered, plus a full reckoning of the voyages you and your fellow scallywags have accomplished. The one factor higher than filling your Logbook is stealing one from one other crew and promoting it for gold. That is the way you fill out, steal, and promote Logbooks in Sea of Thieves.

Discovering and filling your Logbook

As a way to have a Logbook, you have to be on a Captained ship. Meaning a ship somebody has bought, not a freebie that simply anybody can launch. You might be Captain or crew, it doesn’t matter which, so long as ye be aboard.

When you load in, go to your ship and go to the voyage desk to search out your Logbook. From right here, you possibly can choose it up and look by it to view your progress. As you journey by the Sea of Thieves, the Logbook will routinely observe your progress in just a few totally different areas. Every new voyage begins with a recent Logbook, and anybody can view the contents.

The knowledge tracked by your Logbook is split into classes:

  • Ship’s Historical past: This encompasses all the pieces this ship has achieved throughout each voyage it has undertaken. Issues like gold earned and miles saled will proceed to build up into perpetuity until the ship’s Captain completely deletes the vessel.

  • Captain and Crew: Any accomplishments by a particular staff of sailors will probably be tracked right here. The title of each member of the crew (and their pets) will probably be tracked, alongside details about gold collected and voyages accomplished.

  • Present Voyage: This can record achievements from the present session. These numbers are wiped when you sign off and start once more the subsequent time you set sail.

Stealing and promoting Logbooks

Positive, conserving observe of how you probably did in your adventures is fascinating, however there are extra … piratey … methods to have enjoyable with a Logbook. The Reapers are thinking about shopping for stolen Logbooks, and all you’ll need to do is ship Captained ships to the underside of the ocean, then retrieve their Logbook and pay a go to to the Reapers.

Remember the fact that you can’t promote your individual Logbook, and the worth is set purely by days at sea, not the quantity of gold earned. It additionally resets as quickly as a ship is sunk and doesn’t carry over from one session to a different.

How a lot will they promote for? Depends upon how lengthy the ship has been at sea with out being sunk.

  • Noteworthy: All Captained ships start as Noteworthy vessels, with Logbooks price 300 gold.
  • Achieved: On the seventh day at Sea, ships change into Achieved, and their Logbooks promote for two,500 gold.
  • Exceptional: Ships that keep afloat for 15 days attain Exceptional standing, with a e book valued at 10,000 gold.
  • Extraordinary: As soon as the ship reaches 20 days with out being sunk, it’s granted Extraordinary standing, the very best rank. When you might be the one to sink certainly one of these ships, the Logbook might be taken to the Reapers for a whopping 25,000 gold.

Relying in your objectives for the night time, a ship that’s been at sea for a very long time might be an inviting goal or somebody you’d favor to keep away from. Once you see a captained ship within the distance, view it by your spyglass to learn the title of the ship, the id of its Captain, and the present tier of the vessel. Then you can also make a extra knowledgeable determination about if that’s a craft destined for the underside of Davy Jones’ Locker.

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