Who will we need to see as the subsequent DBD killer?

Who might be the subsequent DBD killer?

Albert Wesker, of Resident Evil fame, is the brand new Useless By Daylight killer, and as with all sport that constantly provides to its roster of characters, DBD followers are already questioning who would be the subsequent DBD killer.

That’s why we’ve had just a little enjoyable scouring by means of some of popular culture’s favourite and memorable horror characters who would make enjoyable additions to the survival horror sport.

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As a primary guideline, we’ve chosen characters from movies, television reveals, or video games that will add a brand new aspect to the sport, utilizing distinctive and enjoyable mechanics of their gameplay. None of those have been confirmed, however it’s enjoyable to hope, proper?

Girl Dimitrescu – Resident Evil Village

next DBD killer Lady D
Girl Dimitrescu in Resident Evil VII –  Copyright Capcom

Ever since her RE7 debut, Girl Dimitrescu (or Girl D to her buddies) enamored and enchanted all avid gamers alike. This nine-foot-tall vampire is a formidable foe; all through her degree in RE7, she stalks and hunts you down with the intent to kill.

Girl D can be an incredible addition to the sport, although maybe not so quickly after Wesker. Nonetheless, this isn’t not possible hypothesis as a result of DBD already has a Resident Evil character on their roster.

Springtrap – 5 Nights at Freddy’s

next DBD killer Springtrap
Springtrap, the infamous youngster killer turned moldy bunny – copyright Scott Cawthon

That is one many FNAF followers have hoped for, seeing William Afton – also referred to as Springtrap – in DBD. Not solely does he match the overall aesthetic of the horror sport, however he’s such an notorious character so as to add to the roster.

The one factor to fret about can be his in-game skills which begs the query, would Springtrap work as a brand new killer or only a reskin?

Predator – Predator Franchise

next DBD killer Predator
The Predator, an alien hunter – Copyright twentieth Century Fox

The Predator is a fictional extraterrestrial species you could find within the Predator and Alien vs. Predator franchises. It’s characterised by its trophy searching of different harmful species for sport, together with people and Xenomorphs.

After the discharge of Prey, the most recent addition to the Predator franchise, this fantastically designed alien monster might actually result in some tense DBD video games.

Loss of life Angel – A Quiet Place

Next DBD killer Death Angel
The Loss of life Angel is a blind however lethal alien – Copyright Paramount Footage

The Loss of life Angels, also known as “The Creatures” by survivors, are a race of extraterrestrial creatures who function the first antagonists in A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place: Half II. They arrived on Earth, known as an invasion by people, inside a meteorite and emerged to start preying on something that made even the slightest quantity of noise.

These monsters might add a enjoyable playstyle to the sport, whereby the killer is blind, aside from seeing the tracks left by survivors, and is hyper-sensitive to the sound they make.

Xenomorph – Alien

DBD killer Xenomorph
The notorious chest-bursting alien – Copyright twentieth Century Studios

One of the vital well-known horror monsters of all time, the Xenomorph made its horror debut within the 1979 horror basic Alien. Xenomorphs have been standard sufficient to warrant a movie franchise surrounding them and the critically acclaimed Alien Isolation sport.

That sport alone proved the worth of getting the Xenomorph as an in-game horror antagonist. These creatures are quick, dextrous, and extremely lethal, making for an incredible potential killer.

Homerton (Mutant Bear) – Annihilation

Dead By Daylight Killer Homertpn
The Mutant bear from Annihilation isn’t fairly a Paddington – Copyright Paramount Footage

You may be stunned to be taught that the identify of the mutant bear in annihilation is Homerton. That apart, Homerton is a horrifying undead-looking bear that may mimic the voices of the useless, and though it’s blind, that doesn’t make it any much less formidable.

That includes a extremely distinctive and good design, Homerton is a implausible beast that will make any encounter with it in DBD completely terrifying.

Huge Daddy – Bioshock

Next DBD killer Bioshock Big Daddy
A Little Sister and her huge Daddy – Copyright Arkane Studios

Okay, possibly not a horror staple, however you must admit being chased down by an indignant Huge Daddy was actually one of many scariest elements of the already eerie and creepy Bioshock franchise.

The massive hulking beast that’s the Huge Daddy might be a genuinely enjoyable addition to the roster of killers, presumably even having a Little Sister sidekick that will level out the whereabouts of survivors.


Mindflayer – Baldur’s Gate 3

Mind Flayer next DBD killer
Nothing just a little little bit of Ceremorphosis can’t repair – Copyright Larian Studios

The infinitely standard Thoughts Flayers from Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons and Dragons have seen a brand new online game iteration in Baldur’s Gate 3. They continue to be simply as horrifying as they’re all the time been.

These psychic tentacle-faced monsters need to increase their empire, and so they achieve this by planting a small tadpole in your eye, which swims up into your mind and slowly turns you into a brand new Thoughts Flayer / Illithid. In-game, the thoughts flayer might use its psychic skills to seize and discover survivors.

Imhotep – The Mummy

image 15
A Mummy is only a wealthy Zombie – Copyright Common Footage

Imhotep was an historical Egyptian priest, the excessive priest of Osiris, and the adviser to Seti I. For his crimes of murdering the Pharaoh and utilizing darkish magic from the guide of the useless, Imhotep was executed with mummification, changing into the one identified particular person to be cursed with the Hom-Dai, the evilest of all historical curses.

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Because the movie progresses, Imhotep begins to look an entire lot extra human and alive, however in-game, this might translate in that he begins off wanting just like the undead and decaying corpse, however the extra survivors he assaults and kills, the extra human he appears.

There you will have it for our decide of who the subsequent DBD killer must be! We’ve gone by means of some well-known to lesser well-known horror monsters, however every would make for some intriguing and enjoyable gameplay!

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